KS1 Spelling Homework

Below you will find ideas to support your child at home with their spellings homework.  We have included the lists of spellings sorted by their Phonics Phase.  Year 1 and Year 2 will have a short spellings test on Monday just to check to see if they have learnt them.
Activities and Ideas
Here is a list of suggested activities that you could try at home to help your child to learn their spellings.  Remember to keep it fun and engaging, and don't leave it till the last minute.
  • Rainbow spelling - the children use a range of colouring pencils or pens to write the word.  They use a different colour for each letter.  For example, b e c a u s e
  • Race against the clock - the children have to write the word as many times as possible in one minute (this can be any length of time).
  • Rearranging the letters - give the children the word jumbled up on pieces of paper.  They have to rearrange the letters to make the correct spelling.
  • Try placing each word into a sentence.
  • Words without vowels - write the word but take out the vowels and leave spaces.  The children have to put in the missing letters.
  • Writing the word using bubble writing and decorating it.
  • Look, cover, write and check - look at the word, cover it up, try writing it down and check it.
Encourage the children to use their phonics when trying to spell the words.  Some of the words are common exception words, which you cannot use your phonics for; the children need to learn to spell these on sight.
Spelling Lists
The spellings have been chosen to match with the children's phonics learning in school.  The class teacher will send home a spelling list each week for your child to learn at home.  We will also teach these spellings in school.

Phase 2

Set 1: at sat tap pat sap

Set 2: tin map pin man sad

Set 3: dog gap mop cap kid

Set 4: sock rip dug neck rat

Set 5: hat hug boss fan but


Phase 3 

Set 1: mess jam vet web fix the no go

Set 2: yes buzz quiz quit yum he she and

Set 3: we me shop rich fish then this ring

Set 4: and to be wait feel rain light goat

Set 5: no go look bark sort hard good torn

Set 6: you burn turn turnip down how boil coin

Set 7: they dear hear near hair pair sure pure

Set 8: her hammer winter after farmyard bedroom tonight chicken

Set 9: all thing short arch longer boot he the

Set 10: visit jacket cobweb them coat boat park night


Phase 4 

Set 1: she he we tent damp bend help chimp

Set 2: was you spot skip trip have some stop

Set 3: were there one they windmill lunchbox sandpit starlight

Set 4: when out what are thank street spring crunch


Phase 5a 

Set 1: oh their people spray lay about found fried cried steam

Set 2: Mr Mrs called asked enjoy boy girl skirt rescue yawn

Set 3: said so have like when dolphin threw goes launch donkey

Set 4: come some were there shake bake even nice those cube


Phase 5b 

Set 1: what link behind clock both plug magic but unit pull

Set 2: where who brown window fried chief steam bread letter stern

Set 3: fast was splash yawn dry happy crunch chef you could


Phase 5c 

Set 1: some come pick clay school bake drain eighty grey lady

Set 2: said have donkey three me shiny clean thief like so

Set 3: I’m people oh rain squeak dream brave puppy quick paint

Set 4: night sky drive kind eye fried flaps cliff dolphin tough

Set 5: thought snow toes boast doughnut those don’t thumb summer mint

Set 6: where again who crumb foam phonics roast kite bike bright

Set 7: moon flute to glue nephew gnat thinner knight spin again

Set 8: crowd loud think strong thing thought through work there where

Set 9: who were spout gnome tube chew found few use string

Set 10: because laughed spoil toy coin carry wrap wreck enjoy rabbit

Set 11: different many started palm path heart are acid scissors snake

Set 12: enjoy soil oyster hurry fussy write wreck berry spark bark

Set 13: year cheer here shock issue machine friends once any oh

Set 14: chair bear stare there have live glove when what with

Set 15: hear clear disappear because hairy wave fairy knives appear wash

Set 16: fork August lawn small four caught thought when wild which

Set 17: work first word earth turn went bread said what laughed

Set 18: house about here your wheel dread bird chirping heard morning

Set 19: water away over after the children garden suddenly gym drill

Set 20: tourist moor horse paw sure hot whatever was swamp wand

Set 21: different garden their people looked called should asked could would

Set 22: visual television treasure usual measure beige mother nothing does blood


Phase 5d 

Set 1: donkeys foxes boxes pets cockroaches beaches inches bees floats socks

Set 2: lower weaker neater sharper smarter lowest weakest neatest sharpest smartest

Set 3: playing reading enjoying twirling chewing painter burner speaker hunter heater

Set 4: helped wished needed enjoyed shopped Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Set 5: Saturday Sunday unlock unwrap unpleasant unknown unfair don’t I’m it’s