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Story Writing

At Walter we are often writing stories in our English lessons.

The children will hear or learn a story, next they will use a story map to plan out their own version and then the they will have a go at writing it.  If you do not have a printer you could fold a piece of paper so that you have six or eight sections.  The children would not write it in one sitting, but take several days and write in little sections.  Usually, splitting it up into the beginning, middle and end.  The children in Year 1 and Year 2 are familiar with all of these resources, because we use them in school.

The children could choose to adapt or change elements in the story, or write a story of their own based on a similar idea. The children will find it hard to write a story ‘coldly’; with no ideas or no stimulus.

As a stimulus or idea for their writing you could do one of the following:

  • Visit our Walter Tube YouTube channel and listen to a story from one of the adults in school.
  • Share your favourite picture book or story

  • Visit YouTube TingaTinga Tales and choose a Tinga-Tinga tale. These are based on traditional African tales and the Just So stories by Rudyard Kipling.

  • The children could read their own story

  • Use the CBeebies Bedtime Stories - these can be found

  • iPlayer or some past ones are available on media sites such as vimeo or YouTube