If you would like to visit and have a school tour, these will happen every Tuesday at 9.30am - this will happen from Tuesday 5th October. Please email admin@walter.wokingham.sch.uk with a preferred date, telephone number and names of who will be attending - thank you.

Our Values

At Walter Infant and Nursery School, we are proud of our values:
We encourage all of our school community to:
  • Respect similarities and differences between people
  • Understand what bullying behaviour is and how to respond appropriately to it
  • Encourage everyone to have a positive self-image
  • Develop awareness of our own needs, views and feelings
  • Be sensitive to the needs, views and feelings of others
  • Be honest, kind and truthful
  • To keep on trying, how ever hard it may be, and to seek support to succeed if we can't do it by ourselves
The Rosa Parks presentation below reinforces our Values and was delivered in one of our Assemblies.