Reading at Walter

At Walter Infant School and Nursery, we consider reading one of the most important skills that we teach our children.  We love books and reading.  We share books wherever possible and link so much of our learning to books, stories and non-information texts.  We ensure that we share a wide range of texts with the children to support all areas of the curriculum.
Below, we have provided an overview of our Reading Curriculum, which links to the DfE's Reading Framework.  This includes our Walter Systematic Synthetic Phonics Programme, which outlines how we teach Phonics, Reading and other aspects of the English curriculum.  A contextualised and expanded version of the Reading Framework at Walter and our presentation on teaching Phonics.  We have also included links to other resources, this includes our Walter Reading Hub; a website designed exclusively for our Walter families.
We are currently in the process of transitioning over to Rising Stars, Rocket Phonics Online.  Below is a user guide for pupils and parents to access the e-books and other resources online.