Structure and responsibilities of the Governing body

Division of responsibilities

Under the current governance arrangements, Walter governors meet each term, with alternate meetings of the Full Governing Body and its sub-committee, Finance Committee. Each member of the Full Governing Body is also a member of the Finance Committee. Governors are each assigned with additional specific responsibilities, covering a range of areas including the Curriculum, Pupil Premium, Health & Safety, IT and Performance Management.

In addition to the formal meetings, governors attend an annual Governors Day (a full day visit to the school) and visit the school on an individual basis throughout the year as part of their specific governor responsibilities. Governors often attend school assemblies, parent information evenings and school fairs, as well as undertaking training sessions or attending conferences led by the local authority.

Full Governing Body: Terms of Reference

The Acting Chair of the Full Governing Body for 2018-19 is Ghislene Lokuciewski (Local Authority governor). Each governor is a member of the Full Governing Body. The core functions of the Full Governing Body are to establish the strategic direction of the school; to ensure accountability; and to oversee financial probity. The Head Teacher is responsible for the implementation of policy, day to day management of the school and the implementation of the curriculum.

The terms of reference for the Full Governing Body, available below, are reviewed on an annual basis and include a comprehensive description of:

  •          The purpose of the Full Governing Body
  •          Membership
  •          Meetings
  •          Roles and Responsibilities
  •          Commitment of the Governing Body
  •          Relationships
  •          Confidentiality
  •          Conflicts of Interest
  •          Breach of this code of conduct

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is a sub-committee of the Full Governing Body. The Full Governing Body is the body ultimately responsible for the overall financial management and affairs of the School. It exercises this responsibility by establishing clear levels of delegation to the Chair of the Finance Committee, the Finance Committee, to other Committees and to the Head Teacher.

The Chair of the Finance Committee for 2018-19 is Daniel Bluett (co-opted governor) and each governor is a member of the Finance Committee. The Finance Committee has responsibilities for: financial competence; policies and procedures; annual financial planning; monitoring; compliance (with national standards and internal policies and procedures); expenditure approval; and financial planning.

The financial Terms of Reference, financial management, procedures and structure operating within the school are set out in the Integrated Finance Policy, which is reviewed on an annual basis.